Month: March 2014

Choosing Vacuums For Hardwood Floors

Getting the right look for your home can be a trying task. Keeping it maintained for any length of time can be an even bigger challenge. If you have decided to put down some hardwood floors, you will need to buy a vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately not just any hardwood floor cleaner will do. Here is a list of the features you need when shopping for a wood floor vacuum cleaner:

1. No Brushes

Vacuum BrushesThe traditional vacuum cleaners in most people’s homes have brushes that help sweep the dirt up to the vacuum. These work great on carpets, but will scratch up your hardwood. You can find vacuums with removable brushes, but it’s usually a good idea to buy a specialized floor cleaner.

2. High Vacuum Power

It’s easy for dirt and hair to get stuck in the tiny gaps between slats. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to get them out because your vacuum is too puny. Make sure it’s up to the job.

3. Removable Dust Bag

Hardwood Vacuum Dust BagBeing able to remove and empty a smaller dust bag rather than whole vacuum can be a huge relief. You’re also less likely to make a mess after you’ve just cleaned up.

4. Rubber Wheels And Padding

The cheap plastic wheels and bodies on your more basic vacuums are fine for carpets and sofas, but the sharp edges can scratch and dig into hardwood quite easily. Avoid having to sand your floor by checking on the wheels.

5. The Right Size For Your Home

Don’t let an over eager salesman sell you the biggest, baddest cleaner on the lot if you have a tiny two bedroom apartment. At the same time, if you need a powerful workhorse, don’t go for the miniscule handheld cleaner. Figure out what size you need before you buy.

Caring for hardwood floors is about more than just the right vacuum cleaner though, so we’ve compiled a short list of the other caring instructions and recommendations.

Avoid the damp

Water soaks into wood, expanding it and warping it when it dries. It will damage protective treatments and discolour the wood. Don’t mop your floors, rather use a damp cloth or a specialist wet vacuum cleaner. Protect in danger areas with carpets and rugs.

Stay away from hard bristle brooms and brushes

Scratches in your floor can only be sanded out, and that’s a lot of work. Carelessly using the handy old broom has cost many people a lot of money.

Prevent discoloration from the sun

The UV rays will damage your floor like they will our skin if you leave it in the sun all day. Thought the floor will fade instead of burn. Put up blinds or curtains.

Don’t use Ammonia or Wax

Ammonia will discolor your wood, and wax can damage the glossy finish. Keep both far away from your floor.

Stay ahead of Scratches

Clips pets’ nails regularly so they don’t tear up the floor when running around. Wear slippers or flat soled shoes around the house so you don’t do the same!